About Me

I’m Nicole,

An actor and a writer among other creative things.

I’ve been a wearer of many creative hats for nearly two decades now. At one point I was juggling a life of caring for ill parents, doing a day job, studying part-time, taking as may singing gigs as I could as well as a side hustle freelance writing and proofreading. Looking back I can see how desperately I was trying to make a creative life for myself. It’s amazing what you can do in your 20s, I don’t know how I managed. I guess under the surface I didn’t.

I gravitated towards acting after graduating into the recession with a 2nd arts degree. I then compounded it by going to drama school. The heart wants what it wants. Apparently, it didn’t want me to eat every month.

Then, my Dad died.

The world doesn’t end when someone you love dies -but you feel like it should at least stop and take note, just for a minute. It doesn’t.

My grief and the stress of my creative life took a huge toll on me. So maybe being diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)- the least glamorous of the syndromes- was inevitable. I was having crazy-seeming allergic reactions to foods I’d always eaten and suffering terrible pain. Working became a trial.

I’ve spent the last few years healing my gut, turning a condition that was crippling into something livable while finding ways to make this creative life work for me in a healthy, balanced way.

That way includes space for getting older naturally and confidently as an actor in a creative industry that focuses on YOUNG and taking the time for self-care.

If any of this resonates with you, why not drop me an email? I’d love to hear from you!

what’s the biggest thing I can help you with? What would you most like to read about? I read all emails and endeavour to answer them all.

I’ve since gone back to my writing roots (which is how this blog came about). If you need help with your writing, proofing, editing, scriptwriting or ghostwriting projects, get in touch below.

In the meantime, thanks for reading!

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